2020 LOI Submit Form

The Letter of Intent (LOI) shall include: 

An extended abstract of the proposed research, that will not exceed 1.5 pages and contain two elements, an abstract and a personal introduction as follows:

An abstract (no more than one page) – detailing the motivation for the research, methodology, expected outcome and expected impact. In addition, the abstract will describe the novel aspects of the research, whether it is inter-disciplinary and/ or “high risk, high gain”. 

The abstract one-pager may include a figure. The list of References, however, may be submitted separately and will not count towards the abstract’s one-page limit. 

A personal introduction (no more than half a page) shortly describing you/ your team’s qualifications to carry out your proposed project, and why you/ your group should execute this study. 

PhD students and post-doc fellows will also include a separate letter of support from their supervisor.

2020 Neuro-wellness Grant Application