Joy Ventures cultivates and invests in entrepreneurs and early stage startups developing products that help people feel good, every day. 

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The intense pace of modern life is taking a heavy emotional toll on us, and
negatively impacting our mood.


The brain is the control center of our emotions, moods and behavior, thus
technologies we focus on are those which work with the brain to create a positive impact. We call this “Neuro-Wellness”, and know that if scientific solutions are made accessible, easy and fun to use, they have the potential to revolutionize our lives, for the better.


It’s time to use advancements in science to enhance our well-being – control stress, improve mood and help people to simply feel good again.



Joy Ventures is a privately funded investment company, founded by Corundum Open Innovation, and dedicated to spearheading the Neuro-Wellness arena

Joy Ventures is active in two areas:
Supporting breakthrough scientific research through grants to academia, expanding the knowledge base, data, research, and understanding of neuro- wellness mechanisms, impact, and biology.


Cultivating and investing in startups and entrepreneurs which bring innovative Neuro-Wellness products to consumers, in ways that are fun and easy to use. Joy Ventures is a long-term partner, supporting teams from the very first stages, through product development, market penetration and beyond.


Management Team

Gilad Peleg 


Miri Polachek


Dr. Hagit Alon

VP Scientific Affairs

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