Welcome To The Era Of Neuro-Wellness

Joy Ventures will invest in science based consumer products offering stress reduction & mood alternation, allowing improvement of health and wellness

We live in the golden age of neuroscience:
The understanding of the brain and its functionality has allowed significant progress in the last decade.
Recent research is revealing the importance of reducing stress, given its detrimental effects on our health.

The field of Neuro Wellness, we believe, is opening the door for new scientifically backed solutions / consumer products.

Joy Ventures invests in a new class of neuroscience based consumer products, including wearable products, applications, food substancesand other new and emerging solutions.

These solutions will translate into less stress and an altered mood by allowing you to experience joyful moments throughout your day.



Joy Ventures is a privately funded investment company, founded by Corundum Open Innovation

Joy Ventures three pronged investment approach:

Scientific research via grants to academia, expanding the knowledge base, data, research, and understanding of neuro wellness mechanisms, impact, and biology


Invest, incubate and cultivate

long term Follow on investments 

 We will invest in developments offering scientifically validated consumer products, offering stress relief and mood alternation - neuro wellness solutions, throughout the entire product development cycle


Managment Team

Avi Yaron


Idan Katz


Miri Loven

Head of operations

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