JoyMakers 2019 Recap

Great ideas are born when people come together.  That’s the thinking that led to the JoyMakers program. 
67 participants were selected for the program, and they came from diverse disciplines: entrepreneurs, designers, psychologists, researchers and engineers. 

This diversity is at the heart of our vision – bringing great ideas from across disciplines to find proven ways to help people live more joyfully.

The month-long program included presentations, mentoring and roadmap for ideation.  Participants identified like-minded folks and formed 13 groups, each of which developed a new idea that has the potential to one day become a neuro-wellness product.

The ideas ranged from how we can use good memories to relieve stress, tools to help us control our breathing to bring about relaxation and mindfulness, using sound to influence our brain to reduce stress, and a blueprint for physical spaces that can improve mood and well-being.

We’re excited to continue to work and support our teams on their path to innovating neuro-wellness!