2018 Winners

Research Group


Proposed Research

Noam Sobel

The Weizmann Institute

The nasal cycle: a novel indicator and regulator of mood and cognition

Hossam Haick


Autonomous sensing patch for non-invasive and real-time evaluation of stress


Lital Alfonta & Rafael Shikler

Ben Gurion University

Dopamine wearable self-fueled sweat biosensor

Amir Amedi

Hebrew University

Bridging the gap between body, mind and emotion- elucidating the representations of brain maps in the brain’s self-referential networks

Rony Paz

The Weizmann Institute

The contribution of exploration and uncertainty to ‘normal’ anxiety and well-being: a neural-circuits approach

Yael Yaniv & Assaf Schuster


Deconstructing the heart-brain coherence protocol: emotions and cardiac activity

Yoni Pertzov, Hillel Aviezer & Shlomo Israel

Hebrew University

Eye to eye: identification and remediation of social-communication deficits using eye movements

Rafi Malach

The Weizmann Institute

Neuronal mechanisms underlying creativity in the human brain

Tom Schonberg, Jonathan Berant & Aya Meltzer-Asscher

Tel Aviv University

Remote sensing of negative mood tendencies and enhancing resilience in the general population: advanced computational models, novel behavioral tasks, eye-tracking, virtual reality and physiological measures 

Oren Shriki

Ben Gurion University

Neuromarkers for emotional resilience and vulnerability to sleep deprivation

Ayelet Landau

Hebrew University

Individual differences in rhythmic cognition: a key to optimal experience